Frank&Robbert / Robbert&Frank

16th December, 2014

THE MINE is pleased to present “The Object as Mediator”, Robbert&Frank/Frank&Robbert’s first art performance in the United Arab Emirates. 
The artistic duo F&R R&F are best defined as contemporary cross-media installation artists with work that is a combination of different artistic techniques and mediums of expression drawn from hidden symbolism, religion and contemporary visual culture.  
Redefining the boundaries of performance art, the Belgian duo incorporates visual art, video, theatre and interaction in their study of transgression, transformation, American pop culture, identity and psychology. 
For their forthcoming performance at The Mine, the pair; inspired by the space’s concept and raw industrial décor, will focus their attention on the concept of portability. The idea that an object is defined by its origin and functionality may be altered by its usage in space and time, giving the object a new context and thus distorting our very perception of it. They will explore the theory that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, if an object’s parts are dismantled and reassembled differently, our identification, and interpretation of the object reshapes our sensory information. R&F F&R have often re-used some of their creations, perpetuating the idea that objects are in a constant state of evolution.  
The associative performance will include the superimposition of various video projections, live installations which will see their activation as they are unveiled and manipulated to fit different interpretations and performances during which viewers will be invited to take part.