12th October, 2016 - 9th November, 2016

The Mine+ introduces Here, There Are Others, a new series of work by Iranian-Canadian artist Maryam Keyhani in her first solo exhibition.

Using handmade brushes, combs, epoxy, plaster, paint, foam, headpieces and other spontaneous materials, Maryam Keyhani presents a collection of makeshift objects, inspired by her own experiences of trauma and anxiety. Both beguiling and disturbing, the surreal figurines question the relationship between perception and identity. What costumes do we bear in times of inner trauma? Each object acts as a “self-portrait” of the artist’s own divided self. “Our internal turmoils can become so complex they create different characters within one body,” says Keyhani, who describes the exhibition as a “dinner of misfits”. 

Keyhani, who is based between Toronto and Berlin, also brings into question her own role as an artist and creator of objects. The brush - the traditional tool of the painter - is also a domestic appliance, used to beautify as well as to sweep away dirt. Here, the artist repurposes it to explore her own subconscious. “In this sense, the artist is no longer sullen but happy with her disposition,” describes writer and peer Tara Aghdashloo. “And what comes from this practice of exploration, creation and abstraction is an invitation to be faceless, strange and fantastic all the same.”