Group Exhibition

11th February - 8th March 2015

THE MINE is thrilled to present “Postlude Volume 1: The Post Oriental Odyssey”, an unprecedented GCC-based artists group exhibition. A selection of GCC born artists will explore the influence of cultural identity in Middle Eastern contemporary art in an attempt to elucidate what remains an enigmatic movement.

For this series, curated by Mohamed Reda, the artists will research the effect of “Orientalization”, the re-orienting, and the neo-orientalizing framework that dictates the movement of the Middle Eastern art scene. Whether or not such an effect is a direct or indirect influenceon the production and reproduction of their works, ideas, and identities as artists, will be studied in the identification of post-colonialism, the legacy of the orient and the commercial art market’s penchant for oriental exoticism.

As the occidental contemporary art world has benefited from the cultural and intellectual support of the gallery in recognizing the value of art defying artistic norm in the 20th century, it has since been witness to an undisturbed stream of art movements. This show will identify where the space for experimentation and dialogue is when it comes to the artists’ need to revolt against a mainstream in order to secure an authentic artistic signature and whether or not the local art space can become the real playground for experimentation, dialogue and critical discourse, free of any prerequisites. Artists will explore the internalized identification of post-colonialism and the established image of the oriental legacy, the commercial art market favoring the exotic and how occidental development works as an influence.

Will these artists be able to revolt in a neutrally playful impulse without becoming utilitarian or a means of promoting a framework of local cultural identity or a foreign ideology?

The exhibition will welcome emerging artists from Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and will showcase various installations, works on canvas, new media, photography and sculptures.

Exhibited Artists: Dana Al Jouder | Deena Machina |Habeeb Abu Futtaim | Hind Demaithan | Khalid Mezaina | Liane Al Ghussain | Mai Al Moataz | Mariam Haji | Mohamad Sharaf | Othman Kunji | Sumaya Abdul Ghani | Tareq de Montfort | Zahra Al Mahdi