Fari Bradley/Chris Weaver | Jumairy | Sofia Chatzisaranti

25th May, 2015

In a spontaneous and experimental performance of live sound and motion, two visual and two sound artists created a point of convergence at The Mine.

Using live electro-acoustic sound on hand-made objects and electronics, expanded visual techniques and gestural meditation, the space serves as the base of a prism through which to contemplate the innately complex fluidity and architecture inherent to the relationships of movement and sight with sound and hearing.

The performance was a coalition of form, video and gesture with improvised experimental sound. The artistic power of line and form in the context of the space, enables the artists to explore various dynamics in a performative reading of the landscape.


Fari Bradley/Chris Weaver

Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver work collaboratively across a variety of performance and media practices. Focusing their enquiries on the cognitive, physical, and architectural potential of sound, their works encompass experimental music, radio, performance, and sculpture. In a field of perception dominated by visual culture, the pair investigate acoustics as a means to establish and question new sets of social relations between subjects and space. Their diverse backgrounds combine in an analytical interest in sound and the tools it provides for expanded cultural analysis. Working together since 2006, they have composed and performed musical works solo and in experimental orchestras, and participated in thematic group shows across the UK. Since 2013 they have been a presence on the art scene in Dubai with major commissions for Art Dubai 2013-15, continual broadcasts on arts radio station Resonance104.4FM, a residency and solo exhibition at Tashkeel and the release of an artist’s edition record with The Vinyl Factory.


Jumairy is a young visual artist and musician from the UAE. His work – video, music and installations using live insects – focuses on history and surrealism within his community. He has shown in group shows at DUCTAC, Sikka Art Fair and has given talks at Art Dubai 2015 about his work.

Sofia Chatzisaranti

Sofia Chatzisaranti studied Fine Arts in Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She has exhibited at Tashkeel, Dubai where she had her studio, and led several educational programs in cultural institutes and archaeological museums across Greece. Chatzisaranti recently moved from large canvas works and works with string, to performance art as part of her study of the dynamics and power of “line and form